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Royal Spotlight

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2020-2021 Archives

Apr. 6, 2021:Jalen Reece Earns Baseball's 2nd Player-of-the-Week Honor
Apr. 4, 2021:Zach "Snosa" Espinosa Breaks HR Record
Jan. 15, 2021:January Player Spotlight
Dec. 15, 2020:December Player Spotlight
Dec. 5, 2020:Royals Basketball Senior Recognition
Nov. 15, 2020:November Player Spotlight
Oct. 9, 2020:October Player Spotlight
Sep. 12, 2020:September Player Spotlight
Aug. 25, 2020:August Player Spotlight
Aug. 6, 2020:Covid-19 Announcement
July 13, 2020:July Senior Spotlight
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2019-2020 Archives

June 15, 2020:June Senior Spotlight
May 14, 2020:May Senior Spotlight
Apr. 7, 2020:April Senior Spotlight