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Baseball announces fall world series rosters

Head Coach Derrion Hardie has released this year's fall world series team rosters. At the end of every fall season, the Ecclesia baseball team splits into two teams, drafted and coached by assistant coaches, then plays a 7 game world series, winner getting a year's worth of bragging rights. This year the Gold squad will be coached by infielder's coach, 3rd base coach, and back to back fall world series champion Michael Sage. The Navy squad will be coach by outfielder's coach and first base coach Matt McCue. Caulin Cragle will be serving as the pitching coach for both teams. Each coach has also chosen 4 members from his team to represent their side in a homerun derby, winner will attain home field advantage throughout the world series.

The Home Run participants are:

Gold Squad:

JT Stalnaker

Alejandro Coronado

Spencer Pellegrini

Ethan Casey

Navy Squad:

Stevie Morphew

Robbie Rodriguez

Josh Vega

Jeremy Green

The game dates and times are listed below:

Game 1: October 25th 2:30PM

Game 2: October 27th 2:30PM

Game 3: October 28th 1PM

Game 4: October 30th 2:30PM

Game 5: October 31st 2:30PM (If necessary)

Game 6: November 2nd 2:30PM (If necessary)

Game 7: November 3rd 2:30PM (If Necessary)

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