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Royal Spotlight

Zach "Snosa" Espinosa Breaks HR Record

JR 1B Zack EspinosaJR 1B Zack Espinosa


On Saturday, April 3rd Zack Espinosa hit a home-run in the top of the 4th inning of game two for his second home-run of the series and 12th of the season. This home-run broke JT Stalnaker's record of 11 that was set in 2018. Stalnaker was a catcher and a two time all-american for the Royals.

Espinosa is a Junior for the Royals and is currently hitting .406 with 7 2B's, 12 HR's, 32 RBI's. He needed only 30 games to break the home-run record. In Snosa's freshman season he went the distance three times and in his shortened sophomore season (Covid-19) he had 10 nukes.
With 21 games remaining on the schedule, we look forward to seeing how hard he can make it for the next guy to try to break his record.
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