Monday, August 24, 2020


The athletic department at Ecclesia College values service, outreach, and community involvement. Many of the athletic programs took advantage of the opening weekends of the semester to get out into the community and be the light of Christ. We are extremely proud of the ambassadors for Ecclesia that our athletes are. Placing our athletes out into the community not only allows Ecclesia College a chance to humble brag on the type of student-athletes we have, but also fulfills the part of Ecclesia College's mission to train leaders to bring the light of Christ to our troubled world.

On Sunday, every program attended a church of their choosing as a team. A few of these churches included Northwest Church in Bentonville, AR and Cross Church in Fayetteville, AR. Not only did this put the College in the public eye, but also gave students a long way from home a place to ground themselves and join a local church family. We believe it is important for the success of the student-athletes to foster relationships between our athletes and the community.

After the first week of classes several of the programs took Saturday to get out into the community again performing service projects. Groups of students helped build and restore a daycare playground, helped stock and clean a non-profit retailer, and took part in some babysitting. We loved seeing our student-athletes be the hands and feet of Christ. We look forward to seeing what the next service projects are and how Ecclesia College continues to improve the community around it.

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