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Recruiting Questionnaire

The form below is for the use of prospective student athletes who wish to play intercollegiate sports at Ecclesia College. Please use this form to contact our coaching staff and sports information department. Note: any information you submit is voluntary and will be kept on file in the Athletic Department. Information will not be sold or released to third parties.

Full Name required):
E-Mail (required):
Primary Sport:
Age: Height: Weight (men):
Primary Position/Event:
Date of Birth:
Academic Information
Name of high school:
High school street address:
City: State: Zip:
Year of Graduation:
     Coach's name:
Coach's phone:
Coach's e-mail:
SAT score: ACT score:   GPA:
Intended major at EC:
Complete if you have attended a junior college or another four-year institution. Note: transfers from four-year institutions must obtain a release from your athletic department before our coaches can contact you.
Name of college:
Year of college graduation:
College coach's name:
College coach's phone:
College coach's e-mail:
Complete if your sport has club participation (ODP, Junior Olympics, other club, etc.)
Club Team:
Club coach's name:
Club coach's phone:
Club coach's e-mail:
Contact & Family Information
Home Address:

City: State: Zip:
For addresses outside the U.S., please input your address here:

Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Father's Name: Occupation:
Mother's Name: Occupation:
Statistical Information
Athletic statistics or best performances (averages, percentages, points, times, etc.)
Achievements and awards in your primary sport (MVP, all-conference, all-state...please name conference and state):
Achievements and awards in other sports OR academics:
Other colleges/prep schools attended, sports you played, and accomplishments in those sports:
Athletic Atributes (such as 40 speed, bench press, squat, and vertical leap) -- Be sport appropriate:
Tell us why you want to be a Royal and why you would be competitive at the NCCAA level:
(This field should remain blank.)
Note: Frivolous use of this form will result in your IP address being logged, possible blockage from further submissions, and other action deemed necessary by the athletic department..